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About iNAP

I came up with the idea of starting a collective as duties were elected to me throughout the past decade of playing music. This has been a push for success, a mission to spread empathy, and a desire to escape and express all of what is inside. iNAP came from realizing how much music can inspire, realizing that there are people who want to play and, that I could help. “It’s not a phase” might seem cliche, but I view it as a lifestyle. This statement represents the people who devote all energy to their craft; to those who wake up and go to sleep with the next new thing on their mind, not just a party, a hobby, or a sesh. There is a whole hell of a lot of talented musicians who need someone to give them that extra push I always wanted when playing. ARTISTS HELPING ARTISTS. I have gathered all of my knowledge, connections, and homies to share and generate a portal of creation and a network for the artists I want to see thriving 10+ years from now. This is for the ones who put their all into their craft, spending almost every minute learning, creating, and dreaming. I am looking for unique and intense. Give me something I’ve never heard, at least something I can feel deeply. I’m desperate for it. - Tommy

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