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These are a few of the artists we believe in and will continue to support on their creative endeavors.


Music for sad kids, on a sad day. Commiserate means to empathize with others. iNAP founders Tommy and Logan are apart of this quartet. <3 <3

Vs Self

Farwest emo from Southern California. Their guitar style adds something fresh to the growing genre of "emo". Their lyrics are as relatable and thought provoking as the music itself. 

Police State

Experimental hardcore from AZ. Police State invokes a new sound to the spectrum of hardcore. Their music is unpredictable and has a technical approach to sounds that are cutting edge for the next generation.


Phoenix locals Freud are pysch/prog with a touch of just about everything. Their sound is boundless as well as their unique approach to the arts.

Party Hats

Hailing from Denton, TX. These dudes put the country in skramz. They definitely separate themselves from the rest of the genre. Great riffs. Great vocals/lyrics. Great beats. AND WHAT?! ANOTHER BAND WITH NO BASS!


Louisville, KY locals Wombo are unique shoegazish, alt rockers. They have a distinct sound that is whimsical, yet hard to pin point. We'll let you decide. Check em tf out.


Self proclaimed southwest emo from the valley of the sun. seahorsechoke are in the early stages of their development! Watch them grow with us! 


Austin, TX locals PaleFade are heavy experimental shoegaze with a twist of what's beyond. 


Another TX band that pushes boundaries. Melancholy; bittersweet chords and melodies that will leave your gut wrenched.

We Weren't Invited

Chicago legends We Weren't Invited put on an unforgettable live experience and their music is a lot of things in one. New wave hardcore punk shit would be a good way to put it.

trauma ray

From Fort Worth, TX trauma ray is a heavy shoegaze band that fits into their local community. Their sound is sludgey yet kinda relaxing to sit back and enjoy.

Sweet Pill

Philadelphia's Sweet Pill writes eruptive emo songs that embrace the edges of pop and hardcore. The kind of band whose members are fully immersed in their local scene.

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